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Mon, 29 Oct 2018

Step up your motorcycle licence and enjoy £500 off your new Honda bike!

Why not step up to a bigger and better licence today and when you do, you can take advantage of a fantastic £500 towards upgrading to a brand new Honda Motorcycle after successfully retrieving your licence!

After recently partnering up with Passmasters Rider Training to become a Honda School of Motoring Affiliate, we're now making it easier and convenient than ever for you to obtain both the A2 and A licence, so you can choose from Honda's extensive range of bikes to enjoy true freedom on the road - safely and confidently.

By signing up to a step-up course with the Honda School of Motorcycling here at HGB Motorcycles, you can now get access to expert training on real roads using only the latest bikes and brand new equipment, giving riders the opportunity to make the most of the whole Honda range with a nationally recognised licence.

Book your step up course today and get that little bit closer to owning your dream Honda bike. Just give us a call on 01895 676 451 or leave us a message here and a member of our team will get back to you.